Sandy Samson lives in the mountains of rural Pennsylvania. Five dogs and a delightful
wife brighten his life. Marauding deer, woodchucks, and the occasional black bear
keep him from falling into the trap of excess happiness. When he's not doing the job
that pays the bills, he writes science fiction and fantasy.  Some of his works are
shown below.
Mary and Sam, whose paths parted years before, are thrown into a hilarious
mix-up when an overly zealous demon decides to play the role of an angel. Malarak
breaks the rules of Heaven and Hell in an attempt to reunite the two lovers he
thinks belong together. It sounds noble, but it's mostly a ploy to impress Beliana,
the angel who holds the demon's dark heart. Can a demon do an angel's job and fix
the wrongs in these two lovers' past, or will everything fall apart like it always does
when Malarak tries to do something good?

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Tragedy inside mankind’s first outpost on Mars triggers political intrigue, betrayal,
murder, and the ultimate triumph of courage over greed.

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